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  1. What is Music Pluz?

    Music Pluz is a monthly subscription service that offers 10 free MP3 downloads each month from over 500,000 local and international hits!

  2. How much do I need to pay to enjoy the service?

    Music Pluz is a monthly subscription service which charges RM5/month. Additional MP3 download (after the 10 free MP3) will be charged at RM1/MP3.

  3. Will I get charged for mobile data connection to access or download MP3 in Music Pluz?

    Accessing Music Pluz on mobile will not incur any data charges.

  4. Do I need to login in order to start downloading MP3?

    Yes. However, no login is required for accessing with mobile data. For Wi-Fi, you will prompt to enter a verification code.

  5. What is verification code?

    Verification code is a password that is valid for only one-time login session which will be sent to you via SMS to your registered mobile phone number.

  6. How can I download MP3s to my phone?

    By clicking on the Download icon, MP3 will starts downloading.

  7. After downloading, where is the MP3 stored in my phone?

    MP3s are automatically stored in your phone using your phone memory or memory card, depending on your phone's setting. Except for iPhone.

  8. How to download MP3 for iPhone?

    Log on to and go to Transaction History. Download the MP3 onto your computer, and then use iTunes to import the MP3 to your iPhone.

  9. What songs are available for me to download?

    Music Pluz has a great mix and collection of local and international music. Pick your favourite popular artistes - we probably have them in our library!

  10. Can I transfer these MP3s to other devices?

    Yes, you can transfer your downloaded MP3s to any other MP3 supported device such as smart phone, MP3 player, thumbdrive, external harddisk, PC or even sync to your iPhone via iTunes.

  11. I searched for a particular song but it's not there!

    The song might not be available on Music Pluz yet. We are always getting more songs on board. Please check back from time to time.

  12. Is my device compatible to listen to song previews?

    Most smart and feature phones that support MP3 playback are able to listen to song previews.

  13. Is my device compatible to use Music Pluz?

    Music Pluz is built to cater for all feature phones and smartphones.

  14. Am I able to download MP3s if my line gets barred?

    No, your subscription is tied to your DiGi line. Should your line get barred, please call Customer Service to unbar your line to continue using the service.

  15. I downloaded a song but it appears to be corrupted or incomplete. What is wrong?

    Your connection could have been interrupted while downloading. Kindly remove the downloaded song and re-download the song(s) within 24 hours. Please make sure the song has been completely downloaded before playing it.

  16. How do I unsubscribe from Music Pluz?

    You may unsubscribe from the service by sending STOP PLUZ to 20000.